Der tägliche Wahnsinn

Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Him: „You once said, that you have to find out first, who you are. And that there are too many options out there. But you can be whoever you want to be. You can be anything. Do you understand? (…).“
Her: “ You’re a weirdo. „(laughs)
Him: “ Do you come with me?“
Her: “ I already said, you’re crazy!“… „Where?“
Him:“ Where ever you want to.“
Her:“ Copenhagen?“
Him: „You can go anywhere and you want to go to Copenhagen?“
Her: „Why not?“
Him: „Yes, why not!“

Who am I, no system is safe

At first, my apologies for not writing a lot in the past month. It takes some time to call a new city home. To fully arrive at a new place. Especially when it is abroad. But here I am, supplied with vitamin D pills, to survive the Scandinavian winter ready to tell you that I am still in love with this city and why. I mainly want to talk about my experiences, and give you an insight into how I see the world around me. Not about the generalisation of one truth. A city is diverse, a city is conflict and reconciliation. And also more green cities are. Sometimes you are fascinated about one project the commune is implementing, and one moment after you are shocked by the way how inhuman and disrespectful authorities are enforcing their interests.
About these things, I want to talk about with you. I want to collect ideas on how more livable cities are possible. What we can do as future citizens to create a good infrastructure that fits us. How we can react to climate change in urban space.

This is not a complete collection. This is more a collage, bits and pieces of ideas. In word and in images. From now on I am going to publish every second Friday one article. I also decided to get Instagram so you can follow me: thecitywechange. I am happy when you are joining me and we can create something great together. To tell again another story.

Important: English is not my mother tongue. I am writing in that language because I want that as many people as possible are able to understand it. I do my absolute best to write as good as I can. So who finds spelling mistakes can keep them 🙂

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